Skeleton X-ray?

Publication Year: 2015
1st Edition
Publisher: Fremantle Press
ISBN: 9781925162691
Hardback, 32 Pages
240mm x 240mm
Written and Illustrated by Kyle Hughes-Odgers.


How does sound taste? 
Do colours smell? 
Why do onions make me cry?
Who builds the wings for birds to fly?

Renowned artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers brings his unique vision to these and many other questions. From the practical to the philosophical, this book is guaranteed to fire young imaginations!

‘The open-ended questions, accompanied by intricate illustrations, encourage children to create their own ideas about the world, and give adult readers a chance to pause with younger readers—talking and discovering together …’ Books+Publishing

‘Quiet. Powerful. Stunning to explore in both a visual and thoughtful sense, this one deserves a sticker or three.’ Kids Book Review

‘these simple questions give your thoughts a new direction of travel.’ Six Thousand 

‘This is a captivating picture book full of questions, both practical and philosophical, which is sure to get readers imaginations working overtime. A fantastic book. I loved it!’ YARR-A

Download the TEACHING NOTES as a PDF.