Ten Tiny Things

Publication Year: 2012
1st Edition
Publisher: Fremantle Press
Awards: SCBWI Crystal Kite Award (Winner 2013)
ISBN: 9781921888946
Hardback, 36 Pages
240mm x 240mm
Written by Meg McKinlay Illustrated by Kyle Hughes-Odgers.


Tessa and Zachary have a machine that is swift and splendiferous. Every day it carries them from here to there and back again in cool calm comfort. But one morning, the machine breaks down. Tessa and Zachary are forced to venture into the world beyond its metal walls – a place of secret somethings and hidden happenings. Getting from here to there may never be the same…

Praise for the book
‘The illustrations make this book irresistible.’ Herald Sun

‘I love everything about this book, the theme, the alliterative and well-sculptured language, and the colour scheme used in the illustrations as well as the innovative illustrative style.’ Magpies

‘What really grabbed me about this book is the art style, I have never seen anything like this before.’ ABC Regional Radio

‘The children’s journey from insulated car dwellers to open-hearted explorers of the world around them is rendered with sympathy and insight. Very highly recommended for ages 3 to 8 years.’ Child Magazines

‘Recommended for children aged five and up, Ten Tiny Things will certainly be treasured by younger readers.’ Books+Publishing

‘McKinlay’s alliterative, rhythmic text is a pleasure to read aloud and artist Hughes-Odgers’ enigmatic, acrylic on-board paintings in subdued tones resonate with and enhance the story.’ The West Australian

Ten Tiny Things is a children’s book, but its appeal spans all age groups.’ weloveperth.net.au

‘I loved everything about this book and just read it at a story time session for under 5s. They loved it.’ Weekend Courier

‘Recommended.’ Reading Time

‘Succinct sentences, alliteration, and rhythm give McKinlay’s story a folk-tale feel, and this is mirrored in Kyle Hughes-Odgers’s distinctive illustrations.’ Australian Book Review


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