2015. ‘Satellite’
Solo Exhibition. Turner Galleries Perth Western Australia.

Perth Airport

2014. ‘Aerial view’
Site specific exterior. Artwork 80m x 6m mixed media on concrete, includes 3D sculptural elements and programmed Led lighting . Located between the Perth International Airport and T2. 

The Giants View

2014.’The Giants View’
Mitchell Freeway. Perth Western Australia.

Northern Summer

2013. ‘Northern Summer’
‘In the summer of 2013 we spent 3 months exploring, painting and taking photographs in New York City, London, Sheffield, Amsterdam, Berlin and Dubrovnik’.
Kyle Hughes-Odgers and Kara Peacock.
The book is available online here: Northern Summer

A Thousand Lights from a Hundred Skies

2013. ‘A Thousand Lights from a Hundred Skies’
An abstract aerial view of a non-specific city at night.
Installation. 284 x 876cm mixed media on board. Turner Galleries 2013.